Abigail Brellion
Dr Brellion
Vital statistics
Title Head Scientist
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers,
Orbus Society (formerly)
Powers/Magic None
Allies Chronicler Service Robots, Patrick Hardison
Enemies Orbus Society, The Singular
Home London (formerly)
Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "Science and Morality can go Hand in Hand."
Team None
Created by Dlrgirl75
Artist Felicity Jones
Dr. Abigail Brellion is the head scientist of the Chroniclers, and formerly a Orbus Society researcher.

Background InformationEdit

Abigail had always been interested in science as a child. Her parents, both being Orbus Society agents used their familial connections to get Abigail into in the world of professional science. She was mentored by an Orbus Society doctor during her teenage years, alongside future Orbus associate Carrick McMillan.

As soon as she had graduated college, Abigail was recruited by the Orbus Society. She had always had a moral outlook on life and disagreed with Orbus' methods, especially when they used her grandfather's machine blueprints to create an alternate universe machine, which brought forth a creature from another dimension.

Gradually she became disillusioned by Orbus, and when the Chroniclers fought The Singular in late 2015, she decided to help them, by transferring all Orbus assets to the Chroniclers when Orbus fell.

She later instated herself as the Chroniclers head scientist and was the one who helped to get Lillian Hall rebuilt as well as recruit three new chroniclers. She also built the Chronicler Service Robots, while also help recruit new Cast-Members to the Chronicler cause.

She often finds herself at odds with Julia Veis, regarding Abigail's "leadership" attitude towards the individual Chroniclers.


Abigail is extremely forthright and to the point. She doesn't enjoy jokes when she feels the time isn't necessary, and likes to see every Chronicler work at their full potential.

While thinking she's a very moral person, she can be obsessive with the task at hand, which is seemingly a trait picked up by years alongside Orbus agents and its hierarchy.

Important Stories with Abigail BrellionEdit


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