Breezy Profile
Vital statistics
Title The Uninterested Hipster
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic None
Allies Eric Davidson, Rachel Tolliver
Enemies Faye Blackwood
Home London (formerly)
Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "Here Comes the Fun or Whatever"
Team Team Hermosa
Created by Dlrgirl75
Artist Kaya Scodelario

Lucy "Breezy" Steel is a member of the Chronicler Team Hermosa, and former Disney Store employee.

Background InformationEdit

Breezy is a born-native of London who got a job at the Oxford Street Disney Store while studying at college, which is where she first met future fellow Chronicler Eric Davidson.

In mid 2014, while Rachel Etoile had briefly left the Chroniclers after the initial fight with Celeste Moonstone, she first met Breezy in London, and made her a main non-Chronicler contact.

When Julia Veis and Patrick Hardison travelled to London to find Breezy, she was the one who brought them to Rachel, who was living in seclusion in the English countryside.

Some months later, Rachel sent out a distress call when her and some of the other Chroniclers were captured by the Orbus Society. She and Eric Davidson broke into Orbus, and rescued the Chroniclers, then swiftly left, as to avoid an unpleasant scene with The Singular.

Breezy was later recruited into the Chroniclers by Abigail Brellion, while the other Chroniclers were fighting The Singular.

She is currently in a Chronicler team alongside Eric Davidson who was also recruited, and E Tsukiha, whom she shares an uneasy alliance with.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Breezy is neither sociable, or particularly polite. It seemingly always as though she'd rather be somewhere else, doing something different than the current situation, whatever that might be.

Despite this, she can do her job, albeit unhappily and uninterested, and does look out for others if the situation is dangerous.


Important Stories with BreezyEdit


  • This character was created by Dlrgirl75, and first introduced in the season 2 premiere of Cast Member Chronicles: The Ongoing Story, although not as a Chronicler.
  • Breezy's real name is Lucy Steel, but she never uses it in public.
  • She became a Chronicler on December 4, 2014.
  • Along with Eric Davidson and E Tsukiha, Breezy is the only Chronicler who has not got a job as a Disney Parks Cast Member.
  • Her favorite band is The Beatles, and will often quote lyrics from their songs during conversations, and also carries a Yellow Submarine Pin on her jacket lapel.
  • She has mentioned before having an older sister, whom she seems to negatively compare to herself, as if she's not good enough to be in her sisters shadow, or anyone's. This is possibly the reason why she is not an exceptionally social person.
  • She will often tease Patrick Hardison, about gas money for her car, in reference to their first meeting in London, and the following car trip to visit Rachel Etoile.

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