Breezy car
The Car owned by Breezy is a 1982 Renault 4, that she obtained sometime before staring her job at the Disney Store, in London.

Chronicler ModificationsEdit

Since joining the Chroniclers, Breezy tasked Abigail Brellion with upgrading the car. These modifications include:

  • New engine, which can make the car go much faster than ever before, in case of a need of a high-speed retreat while on missions.
  • A Q.A.T.C Turret, which appears at the top of the car. It can disable Animatronics at close and far range.
  • An Upgraded sound system, which was Requested personally by Breezy, as she can play her Beatles songs at a loud volume.


  • It's a running joke that Breezy keeps asking Patrick Hardison about Gas Money for her car, referring to their first meeting in London, and the ensuing car trip to visit Rachel Etoile.

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