Celeste Moonstone
Celeste profile
Vital statistics
Title The First Chronicler
Gender Female
Status Presumably Deceased
Affiliations Chroniclers (formerly)
Powers/Magic Time Manipulation
Allies Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Daniel Sawyer, Luke Firmann, Willow Moonstone
Enemies The Legacy (presumably)
Home Lillian Hall
Quote "So Many Times We're Stumbling in the Dark"
Team The First Chroniclers
Created by Dlrgirl75
Artist Noël Wells

Celeste Moonstone was a former Imagineer, and leader of the original Chronicler team from the 1960's.

Background Information

Celeste was born in 1940 in Oregon, New Enland, and became an Animatronic technician in the late 1950s. She would help conceptualize and create the first Chronicler team in 1963, and became romantically involved with fellow Chronicler teammate Daniel Sawyer.

Unlike most of her team, Celeste stressed upon the acknowledgement of all of Disney's creations, revered and forgotten, and was able to remember the characters who disappeared from public face. This ambition drove her to ultimately discover a way to contact the very first forgotten character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, whom she promised to bring back to fame and out from the Toon Space Wasteland.

Eventually when the original team fell apart, she decided to seclude herself in an animatronics workshop somewhere in California, having little to no contact with the outside world. Many years later, she met a 6-year old Julia Veis in Walt Disney World, whom she suspected would play a key part in the future of the Chroniclers, and decided to make a note of her name.

Many years later, she would be responsible for handpicking the people in the new Chronicler team, including Veis.

She was revealed to be an Animatronic puppet of The Singular since 1969, and was destroyed in 2014, by The Singular once her purpose had been completed.

Personality and Traits

Celeste, while not necessarily a bad person, is fundamentally a scientist in every way possible, pushing herself to the limits to achieve her goals, no matter how long they take her, or no matter the costs. She is described as a semi-quirky and gracious person to meet, even at an old age.

Powers and Abilities

Celeste has the power to warp time and history, changing it in small and mostly minute ways, unless the minute action causes something different than how the time stream would have proceeded. She can also age herself forwards and backwards, making herself appear young or old at will.


Important Stories with Celeste Moonstone


  • Alongside Daniel Sawyer, Celeste was the first Chronicler to be created by Dlrgirl75 and Disney dork777, in the original CMC idea, which greatly differs from the current one.
  • She ceased to be an imagineer during the early 1970's.
  • Celeste met Walt Disney several times, during the early 60's.
  • She first met Daniel Sawyer, while working on The Enchanted Tiki Room, on August 6, 1962.

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