Daniel Sawyer
Dan profile
Vital statistics
Title The Legacy
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Affiliations Chroniclers (formerly)
Powers/Magic Currently Unknown
Allies Celeste Moonstone (girlfriend), Willow Moonstone
Enemies Luke Firmann
Home Lillian Hall (sometimes)
Quote .
Team The First Chroniclers
Created by Disney dork777
Artist Brenton Thwaites

Daniel Sawyer is a former Cast-Member, and a member of the original Chronicler Team from the 1960s, and is a manifestation of the parasitic Singular created Bio Weapon,The Legacy.

Daniel Background InformationEdit

Daniel became a Cast-Member in Adventureland, and there he met Celeste Moonstone while she was working on the attraction "The Enchanted Tiki Room". When he was employed as a Chronicler, he began a heated rivalry with fellow Chronicler Luke Firmann, because they were both seemingly in love with Celeste. Despite that fact, the Chroniclers worked well together, completing many successful missions, and eventually Daniel became the boyfriend of Celeste.

Legacy Background InformationEdit

The Legacy was a mysterious creature that acted antagonistic towards the 60's Chroniclers. He is currently located in the abandoned Toon Vault. In reality, it was created by The Singular as a Bio-Weapon, that could evolve around to its surroundings, and eventually destroy all life on the planet.


Daniel is somewhat similar to Patrick Hardison in personality, he is awkward, yet sometimes quirky. One major difference between the two, is Daniel can have an extremely volatile temper, mostly towards Luke Firmann, and to those who would threaten Celeste.


Important Stories with Daniel Sawyer/The LegacyEdit


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