These are the Wiki rules for Disney Cast Member Chronicles, please adhere to them, or face possible block

These Rules also Apply for the Disney Toonspace Wiki

Gaining Full Wiki Membership

If you wish to gain membership to the wiki, and take part in events on chat, or make or choose a character, please contact a staff member of this wiki.

They will arrange a meeting, and you must discuss your idea of how to contribute to the overall plot of CMC, or of Toonspace

If accepted, you may join chat and begin contributing straight away, if not, you must wait one month until you are able to re-apply. During any period without membership, you will not be allowed on chat, unless invited on by a staff member.

Character and Page Creation

you wish to make a page, please contact an Admin and inquire as to the type of page you'd like to make. If you have permission you may proceed. If you'd like to suggest them to a Admin and they will be thought over. Please follow previous pages as a guideline to create content here.

You may pitch a character to admins, and if the pitch is approved, you may make the page.

You cannot make original characters on the Toonspace Wiki

Language and Acceptable Behavior

This wiki is considered a family friendly one, this means cussing, personal attacks against users, or any such kind of behavior will not be accepted by this Wiki's staff.

User Blocking Protocol

There are several other violations that can result in a block, such as Sock-Puppetry (when a banned user makes another account to return to the wiki), Picture/Page Spamming (when a user continually adds images or information to a page, with intent to cause disorder), and adding vulgar pictures or content, such as things of a graphic or sexual content, which breaks the previous law about making the wiki not suitable for all users.

Cast Member Chronicles Wiki Staff

Dlrgirl75 (Founder)

SilverFlight (Admin)

Byzantinefire (Admin)

Toonspace Wiki Staff

Dlrgirl75 (Founder)

SilverFlight (Admin)

Sparkarez (Admin)