Elli Jones
Vital statistics
Title Siren
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic Soundwave Manipulation (formerly)
Allies Tadashi Hamada (possibly)
Enemies N/A
Home Chicago, U.S. (formerly), Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "I didn't ask for this. But I've learned to accept it."
Team Aulani
Created by ~Silverstream
Artist N/A
I didn't ask for this. But I've learned to accept it.
―Elli Jones

Elli Jones is a Walt Disney World Cast-Member, and a member of Chronicler "Team Aulani".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elli has the power of "Soundwave Manipulation". Using her voice she can She can melt, cool and shatter substances by humming or singing a certain note. Her voice is the "controller". As of 2015, she has lost this power.


  • Her daytime Cast-Member job is as an operator at Spaceship Earth.
  • This character was originated by ~Silverstream.
  • She joined the Chroniclers on September 18, 2014.

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