Faye Blackwood
Faye profile
Vital statistics
Title Miss Faye St.Claire Blackwood
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations None
Powers/Magic None
Allies Unknown
Enemies Breezy, Chroniclers
Home None (presumably)
Quote "I can say One Word, this One Word uttered will make the world stop spinning"
Team None
Created by ~Silverstream
Artist Willa Holland

Faye Blackwood is a mysterious and manipulative enemy to the Chroniclers.

Background InformationEdit

Faye is a world travelling nomad, who survives by using her wit and charm by get what she wants, such as Rides, Meals, and places to stay. She was not aware of the existence of the Chroniclers, until while at Disneyland Resort near closing, came across Breezy on a Chronicler mission.


Not much is knows about Faye's past, except she has committed several major crimes, including arranging mass thefts. She had visited Disneyland Resort one day for a non criminal minded vacation, when Faye met Breezy, learning quickly who the girl was, and who she worked for. Faye convinced Breezy to let her into Cinderella's Castle, only briefly.

From that moment on, Faye continued to manipulate the girl into the Chronicler's laboratory at Lillian Hall, where she was quickly found out by Abigail Brellion. After leaning of Faye's criminal record and how she had manipulated Breezy, Abigail had Faye "dumped on the side road in a foreign country," by the Chronicler Service Robots.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Faye has a dark deviant way about her. She is a gifted charmer and a manipulator, as she can make people bend to her will with but a few words, as she acts how people would like her to act around them, blinding them from anything other than herself.

Underneath her "charmer" personality, Faye has a dark sense of humor and a very dry wit, and can be extremely condescending to those whom she despises. She has never desired a romantic partner, perhaps due to her self-centered nature, or her inability to commit.


Important Stories with Faye BlackwoodEdit


  • This character was created and originated by ~Silverstream.
  • For some reason, Faye always walks around barefoot, because she claims it "makes her feel closer to the earth".

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