Francisco Harrison
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic N/A
Allies Br'er Rabbit, Duffy the Disney Bear
Enemies Phantom Blot, Harold the Yeti, The Hatbox Ghost
Home Costa Rica (formerly), Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "It doesn't matter how evil, or powerful a villain is, heroes always win."
Team Team Buena Vista
Created by Brer Bear888
Artist {{{art}}}
Francisco Harrison is a Disneyland Resort Cast Member.

Background InformationEdit

Francisco was born in the 1990's. Since he was a kid he had always loved Disney, and had always dreamed of being a hero so he can defeat evil villains. He started working at the Disneyland Resort, during the mid the 2000's.

In 2014 he was contacted by "Upper Management" to be part of the Chroniclers. He became part of Team Buena Vista. Alongside his team, He as battled the animatronic villains Harold the Yeti and The Hatbox Ghost.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Francisco is a very funny, talkative and a kind person. He is a Disney fan, and he is also very honest.


  • This Character was originated by Brer Bear888.
  • He became a Chronicler on September 24, 2014.
  • During opening hours, he works in the shop "Briar Patch", located at Critter Country, in Disneyland Resort.

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