Maleficent Dragon

The Lair Dragon is a villainous Animatronic, originating from the La Taniere Du Dragon walkthrough attraction in Disneyland Paris.

Background InformationEdit

Although intentionally created to be Maleficent in her dragon form, this Animatronic could not gain sentience beyond its form since there could only be one Maleficent. Despite this setback, the beast became conscious and serves its archetype mistress without hesitation.

Due to its loyalty to Maleficent, the Dragon chooses not to aid its Animatronic brethren and often stays nearby its attraction, but will leave if Maleficent summons it forth.



  • The Dragon is not Maleficent, but a duplicate of her dragon form. Maleficent herself exists as a real, and dangerous Toon.
  • While the dragon's gender is unclear since the attraction never specified this, it is assumed to be female due to being based on Maleficent's dragon form.

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