Lawton Stine is a Chronicler in Team Urayasu, and a Walt Disney World Cast-Memnber.

Background InformationEdit

Lawton works at Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. He has a very happy outlook, is rarely angered and defends his friends from danger. Taking after his hero, Phineas Flynn, he strives to make every day the best day ever and makes his friends happy wherever he goes.

He often thinks before he acts, but is a good friend nonetheless. He never hesitates to go at a challenge head on, and when he gets in trouble, he uses his brain to get out of even the toughest messes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lawton has the power of flight, able to fly at high speeds. Using this power, he is able to kick down the villains and distract them, rescuing his friends before they get in trouble. As of 2015, he has lost this power.


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