Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse is the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, and a leader on the Toon High Council

Background InformationEdit

Mickey was created shortly after the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit when Walt was still a cartoonist. Unlike his prototype, Mickey was fundamentally mischievous, but growing up with Walt's family over the years, Mickey learned to become responsible and became something of a son towards Walt. While not without his flaws, Mickey only created laughter to inspire others of their own goodwill and humor. As the years passed, more and more Toons came into the world, Walt enabled the park to be a home for the Toons. Mickey was also present during the initiation of the first Chronicler team.

After Walt's death, Mickey superseded his position and was tasked with monitoring the parks, managing them along with the Toon High Council. In 2006, Mickey was reunited with Oswald following his return, although due to limitations on Oswald's return, Mickey was one of the few to know that Oswald was back in the parks.



  • It is heavily implied that Mickey along with Walt were involved in combating " The Legacy", back in the 1960s right after the first Chronicler team had formed.
  • He was once an apprentice of Yen Sid.

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