Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the first iconic Toon character Walt Disney ever created.

Background InformationEdit

Oswald was created back in the 1920s. However, when Walt was forced to give him to Charles Muntz in 1928, Oswald's physical form was taken by Universal. Due to this, people quickly forgot about Oswald, so his essence and spirit was committed to the Wasteland, making him the first forgotten Toon.

Oswald was desolate until an Imagineer named Celeste uncovered the existence of Wasteland and the forgotten characters, and vowed to help him gain recognition and for one day, enable the characters to return. He along with Celeste encountered a young Julia Veis in 2001, which gave the rabbit some hope that Celeste's vision could come true.

In 2006, when Oswald's physical body was returned to Disney, Oswald was able to return but only partially, as his character was still forgotten by many. In 2014, Oswald was able to become a character in the parks. While this meant he was "real" again, Oswald's existence was now exposed to everyone. Now a semi-active member of the parks, Oswald possibly assists the Chroniclers at full capacity, although he keeps his ulterior motive and the truth behind the conspiracy hidden.

Important Stories with Oswald the Lucky RabbitEdit


  • Oswald remembers Walt, and forgives him, since his removal at the hands of Universal wasn't of Walt's own free will.
  • It is implied that Oswald, along with Mickey were involved in combating " The Legacy", back in the 1960s right after the first Chronicler team had been formed.