Paige Bravo
Paige bravo profile
Vital statistics
Title Team Leader
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic Sky Manipulation (formerly)
Allies Benjamin O'Toole, Rachel Etoile
Enemies Everest Yeti, The Phantom
Home Grand Floridian Hotel (formerly, Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "We've got right on our side! That, and comfy shoes."
Team Team Anaheim
Created by ISeeTheLight17
Artist Alex2424121
Paige Bravo is a Cast Member at Walt Disney World, and team leader of "Team Anaheim," a Chronicler team.

Background InformationEdit

Paige was born during the mid 1990's, and presumably became a Cast Member as a ride operator at "It's a Small World," sometime in the mid 2000's. It is also known that Paige first met Rachel Etoile at the 2009 D23 convention.

In early 2014, she was contacted by "Upper Management" to start and lead the second new team of Chroniclers, labeled as "Team Anaheim".

Personality and TraitsEdit

Paige is naturally laid back and friendly. Unlike colleague Rachel Etoile, Paige is hardly ever worried or uptight about issues, even in dangerous situations. She is extremely loyal to the Chronicler cause, and always tries to outdo the competing teams in missions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Paige has the power of Sky Manipulation. By raising her hands towards the sky, she can control the clouds and even stars if its night, making pathways in the sky, and barricades against enemies out of clouds. She can also use weather-like abilities to use in hand-to-hand combat against enemies. As of 2015, she has lost this power.


Important Stories with Paige BravoEdit


  • This Character was originated by ISeeTheLight17.
  • She became a Chronicler and initiated Team Anaheim on August 1, 2014.
  • Her Daytime Cast Member job, is a ride operator at It's A Small World.