Patrick Hardison
Patrick profile
Vital statistics
Title Team Jokester
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic Elemental control (formerly)
Allies Rachel Etoile, Julia Veis
Enemies The Phantom, Everest Yeti
Home Lake Buena Vista (formerly), Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "Rod Serling?"
Team Team Marne
Created by Disney dork777
Artist Alex2424121
Patrick Hardison is a Walt Disney World Cast-Member, and member of Chronicler "Team Marne".


Patrick Hardison was born in 1997 in Texas. He was a Disney fan his whole life, but did not fully realize it until after his first visit to Disney World. His newfound love gave him the drive to eventually work at the Disney World park. He obtained a job at Walt Disney World resorts in 2013.

During his employment, he has done several jobs including ticket seller, ride operator, and (briefly) as a costumed Stitch. In 2014 he was contacted by Rachel Etoile to join the Chroniclers, in "Team Marne".

Personality and traitsEdit

Patrick enjoys joking around, but is serious in the face of danger. He is generally laid back, often walking around with his hands in his pockets. He believes in creating magic, but is sometimes skeptical of the magic he sees before his eyes.

Powers and abilitesEdit

Patrick has elemental powers. He can create fire out of the air with a snap of his fingers. He can harness the water naturally in his body, through his hands.

He has the ability to magnify the water, as well, to prevent dehydration as a result of his powers. He can form ice crystals into solid ice. Also, he can control wind and change its direction.

As of 2015, he has lost this power.


Important Stories with Patrick HardisonEdit


  • This character was originated by Disney dork777
  • Patrick knew fellow Chronicler Julia Veis, while both worked at Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Patrick is relatively fluent in Spanish.

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