Rachel Tolliver
Rachel profile
Vital statistics
Title Team Leader
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic Shapeshifting (formerly)
Allies Julia Veis, Patrick Hardison, Paige Bravo, Celeste Moonstone
Enemies The Phantom, Veronica Wilder, Miss Clockwork
Home Bailly, Marne la Valee (formerly), Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "We're here to kick butt and look fabulous"
Team Team Marne
Created by Dlrgirl75
Artist Alex242421
Rachel Tolliver is a Disneyland Paris Cast Member, and founder of "Team Marne", the first of the new generation of Chronicler Teams.

Background InformationEdit

Rachel was born in the 1990's, and lived a normal childhood, until she was turned into a puppet of The Singular in 2005. She was brainwashed to think she was "Willow Moonstone", daughter of Celeste Moonstone.

By the mid 2000's she obtained a job as a Disneyland Paris Cast-Member sometime in the mid 2000s. She had first met Paige Bravo at the 2009 D23 convention. She had known to be a ticket attendant in the Disneyland Park entrance in Paris.

In 2014 she was contacted by "Upper Management" to assemble a team, of which members would obtain super powers in order to save the kingdoms. She would enlist Julia Veis and Patrick Hardison to join her personal team, "Team Marne", and would also become involved in employing other Cast Members for other Chronicler teams.

In late 2014, Rachel left the Chroniclers temporarily to rediscover her old life. She would later contact Julia Veis, and admit she'd be leaving the Chroniclers permenantly, due to Yen Sid turning her back into a human.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rachel is very laid back, and isn't one for over working, often relaxing on the job herself. She can be kind, but demanding and somewhat cocky, but she has only the best intentions for the team, and would do anything to keep the team strong, and to thrive like a family.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rachel has the power to shapeshift into anything she imagines, and can transform other people into those things by putting her hand on them, and thinking about what they would look like. As of 2015, she has lost this power.


Important Stories with Rachel EtoileEdit


  • This Character was originated by Dlrgirl75.
  • During opening hours, she works as a ticket sales attendant at Disneyland Park in Paris.
  • She has also gone by the names Rachel Etoile, and Willow Moonstone.
  • She has a plush of Figment, on her desk.
  • She has a Music Mix-Tape, which often plays in her office at "Donalds Desk".
  • She can play the Piano, Guitar, and Panpipes.
  • She is fluent in French and German.

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