The Hatbox Ghost is a villainous Animatronic, and the Animatronic with the most power at Disneyland Resort.


The Hatbox Ghost was removed from The Haunted Mansion in Anaheim, days after it opened in mysterious circumstances. In 2014 when the Animatronic, began to come alive, The Hatbox Ghost returned to the Park, and became a major figure in the schemes of the villains.

He has also been seen collaborating with The Phantom, and other Animatronic villains several times.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hatbox has a insane and twisted way of viewing the world, and scares even some of the most evil Animatronic and Toon Villains. He often speaks with a devious chuckle at the end of his sentences, denoting he may find something funny that isn't, or he is planning something in his head.


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