Disneyland phantom manor 15
The Phantom is a malevolent Animatronic villain, that was the first villains to face Chronicler Team Marne.


The Phantom was an Animatronic, in Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor, until one day it became self aware during one of Disneyland Paris' Animatronic Awakenings. Being powered by magic, it could only move and think freely when the park was closed, and henceforth could not escape during the day.

As other villain animatronics began to become self aware, The Phantom had attempted to put himself as the head of the villains, but others, whom might be considered more of threat disagreed. While he is not the mastermind, nor leader of the Animatronic Villains, he is high up on their spectrum.



  • In Phantom Manor's backstory, His real name is "Henry Ravenswood".
  • He uses Shiriki Utundu, as a scout, for when he wishes to spy on Chroniclers.
  • It is unknown if his in ride backstory daughter, Melanie Ravenswood has gained sentience.
  • He was the first villain that Chronicler Team Marne fought.

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