The Toon Vault was a location underneath Lillian Hall, which houses hundreds of captured/imprisoned Toons from throughout the years. It is assumed they were put in there by Celeste Moonstone. It has since been emptied by Chroniclers, during their 2014 raid.

List of Toons (Formerly) in VaultEdit

  • Diablo
  • Stork from Clock Cleaners
  • Yen Sid's Broomstick
  • Bobo the Elephant
  • Chrona
  • Perry the Platypus
  • Timothy Mouse
  • Phooey (4th duck sibling)
  • Gurgi
  • Dr. Frankenollie
  • Watson the Owl
  • Sir Yips-a-lot
  • Araquan Bird
  • Witch Hazel
  • A Heartless (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Kessie
  • Pabbie
  • B.E.N
  • China Girl
  • Girl Squirrel (Sword in the Stone)
  • Sunni Gummi
  • Salty the Seal
  • Shego
  • Jaq & Gus
  • Toon Shoe (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • Peter Pig
  • Sir Hiss
  • Clover the Rabbit
  • Bill Cipher
  • Horace Horsecollar
  • Herman the Bootle Beetle
  • Rancis Fluggerbutter
  • Reuben (625)
  • Professor Owl
  • Mizrabel
  • Star Butterfly
  • Morph
  • Toby Tortoise
  • Bunny Child
  • Paper-Jam Dipper
  • The Backson
  • Forte (bolted to the wall in Vault)
  • The Inklings
  • Captain Crocodile
  • Dr. Drakken
  • Baby Griffin
  • Herbert P. Bear

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