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"Disney Cast Member Chronicles" is a Disney Fan-Site, that's set in Disney parks, resorts, cruise ships, Disney Stores, and destinations all over the world. The protagonists (Disney Park Castmembers) Solve mysterious and discover secrets after the park is closed. After dark the parks come alive, including the animatronics, some friendly, and some not so much, while a evil villain plans to take ultimate control.

On this wiki we have stories, and events, so enjoy your stay!

This fan site is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company


If you wish to make a page, please contact Dlrgirl75 and inquire as to the type of page you'd like to make. If you have permission you may proceed. If you'd like to suggest them to a Admin and they will be thought over. Please follow previous pages as a guideline to create your characters.

The wiki is admin invitation only, if you wish to apply for membership, please contact Dlrgirl75.

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To see latest Cast Member Chronicles plot developments, please see
Cast Member Chronicles: The Ongoing Story

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