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  • Lt. Lunar Wolf

    Kris Records 03

    February 16, 2015 by Lt. Lunar Wolf

    Great.... *loud thunk followed by muttered words* What to do, what to do. I wonder how soundproof these rooms are.... Maybe I should bring Rickochet here.....He was nearly out of water and food when I got back home after the Singular thing... As for Hatbox.... I have a bad feeling we're going to be seeing him soon and he won't be so pleasant. *sound of something striking solid, then something cracking, once again followed by unintelligiable words* Should have X-rayed the bleedy wall before punching it. Note to self: See about a getting a punching bag set up or a squeezey ball...... Julia's not gonna be happy about that.... Anyhoo....I'm conidering turning over the remains of the Toonized Pixie Dust I have back to the Fairies and see what t…

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  • Lt. Lunar Wolf

    Kris Records 02

    December 20, 2014 by Lt. Lunar Wolf
    • heavy footfalls* Mr. Joesph Barnes just left my residence. *sighs then growls* Timekeeper and Miss Chrona are keeping stuff from us. Miss Chrona stated that she knows this 'Miss Clockwork' that Phantom mentioned. It's curious that we have no idea what we are up against and we're expected to save the world from it? What kind of whack stuff is that? Miss Chrona said that she in a way started the Chroniclers and Orbus.......Speaking of Orbus, those stalkers are up to something, I can feel it. Carrick McMillan doesn't like me and that feeling is mutual. I dislike this man worse than I dislike Miss Wilder. He's very.......I don't know how to discribe him...but it gets under my skin. I know I shouldn't let it, but it does. At least I knocked him…
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  • Lt. Lunar Wolf

    Kris Records 01

    November 20, 2014 by Lt. Lunar Wolf

    "Okay....Is this thing on? *rustling sounds* Yup, light's on. *sound of recorder being placed on a table*  Now let's see, things just went from being weird to way weird.....A week after I'm recuirted by Miss Etiole into the Chroncliers......then I'm confronted by a person named Veronica Wilder about Miss Etoile. I'm glad I got the whole 'teleportation' thing under control.....Anyways....What is Miss Wilder's deal with Miss Etoile? What is the Orbus Society? They obviously have high connections in the company in order for her to apporach me after hours. And what did Phanty......I mean Henry.....Gah! I mean The Phantom mean by 'beware the clock'? Nothing makes sense. *sighs* Actually it makes as much sense as this whole Chroncliers thing.....An…

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