"Okay....Is this thing on? *rustling sounds* Yup, light's on. *sound of recorder being placed on a table*  Now let's see, things just went from being weird to way weird.....A week after I'm recuirted by Miss Etiole into the Chroncliers......then I'm confronted by a person named Veronica Wilder about Miss Etoile. I'm glad I got the whole 'teleportation' thing under control.....Anyways....What is Miss Wilder's deal with Miss Etoile? What is the Orbus Society? They obviously have high connections in the company in order for her to apporach me after hours. And what did Phanty......I mean Henry.....Gah! I mean The Phantom mean by 'beware the clock'? Nothing makes sense. *sighs* Actually it makes as much sense as this whole Chroncliers thing.....And another thing, that Chrona girl...she knows something, I'm sure of it. It seems something is keeping her from telling.*another sighs* Well I can't stay up all night thinking about this. I have to work Thunder Mountain tomorrow....after I help with the matianence check, don't want a repeat of the I.M. Brave." *recording stops*

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