• heavy footfalls* Mr. Joesph Barnes just left my residence. *sighs then growls* Timekeeper and Miss Chrona are keeping stuff from us. Miss Chrona stated that she knows this 'Miss Clockwork' that Phantom mentioned. It's curious that we have no idea what we are up against and we're expected to save the world from it? What kind of whack stuff is that? Miss Chrona said that she in a way started the Chroniclers and Orbus.......Speaking of Orbus, those stalkers are up to something, I can feel it. Carrick McMillan doesn't like me and that feeling is mutual. I dislike this man worse than I dislike Miss Wilder. He's very.......I don't know how to discribe him...but it gets under my skin. I know I shouldn't let it, but it does. At least I knocked him down a few pegs by pointing out that Orbus isn't trusted with the Toonized Pixie Dust........And were we supposed to use the whole jar? I've got a little bit left in the jar that Miss Etoile.....I mean Miss Moonstone gave me.....yeah found out the 'Margaret Etoile' is actually Celeste Moonstone, whom every other Chronicler seems to dislike with a strong passion. *Rikochet whistles 'Feed the Birds'* Very funny Rikochet. As for the flashdrive Timekeeper gave us, Miss Chrona destroyed it. I have a feeling Tron might know where there is a hard copy of it. Miss Chrona seemed shocked when I made a speculation that Timekeeper was once human like her. Though she admitted 'Clockwork' was human once as well. Clockwork and this 'Singularity' must have a relation. I must be careful in my further investigations, Connor Montag and Franciso Harrison are my teammates, but I think I should leave them out of my Solo Invesigation for right now. I think Orbus is keeping a closer watch on me since I barged into thier HeadQuarters......Though it did scream: "Cast Member Stalkers Head Quarters," they should really consider ditching the shades.

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