Great.... *loud thunk followed by muttered words* What to do, what to do. I wonder how soundproof these rooms are.... Maybe I should bring Rickochet here.....He was nearly out of water and food when I got back home after the Singular thing... As for Hatbox.... I have a bad feeling we're going to be seeing him soon and he won't be so pleasant. *sound of something striking solid, then something cracking, once again followed by unintelligiable words* Should have X-rayed the bleedy wall before punching it. Note to self: See about a getting a punching bag set up or a squeezey ball...... Julia's not gonna be happy about that.... Anyhoo....I'm conidering turning over the remains of the Toonized Pixie Dust I have back to the Fairies and see what they can do about the shortage. I wonder what they'll say if they find out that the teal in my hair was a result of a bad mixing of chemicals in college? Eh. Doesn't detract from my job....I nearly lost my goggles to Orbus. I need to rearrange this stuff......WAY too Stuffy for my tastes.....*rustle of fabric* Huh.... That's starting to swell....I should get that checked out.. *recording ends*

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